Quality is an important factor when it comes to any product. With stiff competition in the market, quality has become the differentiator. Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

At Premier, our Quality Control department manages all quality systems to ensure that Premier is in compliance with US and international regulations, laws, and guidelines that oversee the manufacturing and testing of our adhesives and sealants.  This isn’t a simple process.  To streamline this process, software is used to track the quality of every raw material that comes in and finished product that goes out.

Having a quality control system in place provides a strong foundation to any business and provides a wide range of benefits:

Improved Products

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the more thorough your quality control process is, the better the end results of your finished products will be. Improving the final product that your business creates comes down to effective control throughout the entire process – ensuring each step is up to the standards you have specified.

Effective Compliance

Compliance with regulatory conditions and standards is essential.  Violation of these standards can result in costly fines for both you and your customers.  Effective quality control should include multiple checkpoints throughout the process to ensure product labeling is compliant. Including these checkpoints can avoid surprises and financial losses overall.


Product consistency can make or break your business’s reputation. Quality control plays a huge part in building consistency throughout the manufacturing process by eliminating redundant processes and scrapped materials.  Consistency also allows for more stability in your pricing as there are far less fluctuations in production costs.

Improved Market Position

In any industry, certain brands stand out above the rest. This is no accident.  These brands have stringent quality control procedures implemented throughout their production processes, resulting in final products that stand out among competitors.   When given the choice, consumers will select these higher quality products, again and again. This results in a secure market position for these superior brands.

In today’s market, quality is king.  A company’s success is based on who can provide the highest-quality product at the most reasonable price. Having a quality control process in place is crucial for any business looking to deliver products that exceed the expectations of their customers. Additionally, quality control is a surefire way to minimize downtime and operate as efficiently as possible.