Packaging in the adhesive and sealant industry continues to evolve. As companies become more environmentally aware, efficiency and cost are more important than ever. Fortunately, packaging advancements have resulted in more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and practical solutions. It is vital for manufacturers to stay informed and evaluate the best packaging for every product.  After all, consumers know what they want more than ever. This includes both the packaging and the product inside it.

Over the past few years, Premier Building Solutions has put a strong emphasis on packaging versatility.  Products are now available in cartridges, sausages, squeeze tubes, pails and drums.  This ensures that we have the right product in the right packaging for every customer.

How do you know what is the right packaging option for you or your customer?  Below are the options Premier offers and the benefits to the consumer.


Available in both 10 and 29 ounce sizes, plastic cartridges are our most popular packaging option.  Both options fit in standard cartridge and quart cartridge guns and are universally used on job sites.  The weather resistant plastic holds up in wet, rainy or cold weather. And, the thick walled plastic maximizes shelf life.

Cartridge plungers and nozzles are engineered to fit together perfectly for air-free filling, and smooth cartridge dispensing without leaving any residue on the cartridge walls.


Sausages have many benefits. They are typically more cost effective. At 20 fluid ounces, they hold twice the volume of material. And, they significantly reduce waste. After the sealant has been fully dispensed, the foil can be compacted down to a tiny disk. This low waste packaging is ideal for many builders, who go through pallets at a time.

Because it is such an efficient form of sustainable packaging, sausage packaging has long been considered a green alternative and is becoming increasingly prevalent in the industry.

Pails & Drums

Pail and Drum packaging is ideal for high volume consumers.  Containing as much as 55 gallons of product, these are typically the most cost effective option.  All pails and drums are nitrogen purged and sealed to ensure the maximum shelf life.

While drums provide the best value, pails remain popular for their convenience and ease of use. They are easy to store, easy to transport, and can benefit companies that do not have the space, trucks, or equipment necessary to utilize a drum. Pails are available in 1, 3.5 and 5 gallon sizes.

Squeeze Tubes

As the popularity in squeeze tube package continues to grow, Premier has added a high speed, fully automated tube filler to accommodate demand.  Available in plastic and metal, this packaging creates an impermeable, air-tight tube providing superior protection to its contents.

The small tubes are easy to use, cost efficient and easy to transport.  They are ideal for small projects and touch ups.

As the industry continues to move toward green, environmentally friendly options, it is important to keep both the product and its container in mind. Offering a variety of packaging options shows both new and existing customers that you understand their needs and have both the product and packaging to meet them.