Utilizing email, social media, even text messaging in business certainly has its advantages. It’s quick and convenient, often saving time and money. In fact, these are typically the primary channels companies use when building relationships with customers. Despite these advantages, you will still see Premier Building Solutions’ Territory Managers visit your business, job site or office. Why? For Premier, strong business relationships are made by sharing a real, physical presence –something that even the most dynamic online conversations can’t provide.

Many Premier Territory Managers are greeted with surprise when walking into a customer’s business. After all, some have never been visited by a sealant or adhesive rep of any kind. But for the Territory Manager, this is just another day. Traveling in their territories and visiting past, present and potential customers is a daily task for them. Understanding their business challenges and opportunities is the only way we can help make them successful, and visiting their businesses helps us do just that.

Here are a few reasons why face to face interaction with your customers should be a top priority for every business:

Show You Care
Many businesses only hear from their local rep when they are inquiring about future orders. However, customer centric relationships require much more than this. It is important to build a relationship with the customer, anticipate their needs, and provide service and support customized to their business. These things can’t be done exclusively through email. Face to face interaction is vital for building this relationship. Premier Territory Managers do this by making regular visits to all of their customers and come prepared to every meeting so the customer understands their investment in them is a serious one.

Put a Face to Your Product
No matter the industry, one-on-one connections are invaluable. People, after all, want to do business with people (emphasis on people here). They want to feel like they aren’t just doing business with a sealant and adhesive supplier, but with an actual person. Local Dallas distributors don’t feel as if they are buying product from Premier Building Solutions. They are buying product from their local rep, David. They see him regularly, they know him personally and they trust that he knows their business. Giving your product a face makes customers see your company as more than just another supplier, vendor, ect.

Know Their Business Like It’s Your Own
You can read up on your customers and spend hours preparing to meet with them, but nothing will help you understand where they come from more than going to their place of business. To truly grasp your customer’s business and how it operates, you need to visit your customers on their home court. You should see their employees in action, figure out their processes and experience the culture. The better you understand the way they operate, the better you’ll be able to serve their needs and make them successful, leading to a trusting relationship.

In this day and age, it is easier than ever to reach out to customers without face to face interaction, but for Premier, it’s more important than ever that we continue to do so. This customer centric approach is what makes us stand out and keeps our customers happy.