Now more than ever, consumers know what they want in their sealant and adhesive products. They have high standards for both performance and appearance. To meet these standards, manufacturers not only have to focus on performance property requirements, but precise color requirements as well. Adding color pigmentation without compromising any crucial performance properties is no easy task.

When coloring product, whether it is beige or black, a predetermined amount of color pigmentation is added. The addition of this requires quality control testing to ensure that it has not affected performance properties to ensure easy, efficient application.

The amount of color pigmentation is also important to ensure color consistency. To guarantee consistency, every batch of colored product should be tested. Premier’s custom color batches are measured by Delta-E (dE). Delta-E (dE) is a single number that represents the distance between two colors. The idea is that a dE of 1.0 is the smallest color difference the human eye can see. So any dE less than 1.0 is imperceptible and any dE greater than 1.0 is noticeable. To ensure that every batch is an exact color match, Premier requires a reading of 0.5 dE or better before a color is approved. Evaluating every batch in this way removes subjectivity and guarantees consistency.

It’s no secret that the sealant and adhesive industry is changing. Consumers are looking for more out of the products they purchase. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to step up, innovate, and meet these demands. Premier meets these challenges by offering custom color matched products that tout high performance properties. Our specialized custom colorizing process includes stringent quality control measures to ensure that our sealants will be a perfect match each time without sacrificing performance.