To be “eco-friendly” goes beyond an idea and extends to actual practices. Global businesses are transitioning to more eco-friendly products because they align with green living trends. After all, consumers who are advocates of environmental safety are more likely to choose companies with established green products and practices.

Positive Public Response

Some of the most established companies in the world are environmentally friendly. Being green shows that you’re responsible and consciously aware in your business practices. Companies who demonstrate their commitment to green practices and products will attract the attention of conscious consumers who will provide their loyal and repeated business.

Competitive Advantage

Companies who go green enhance their reputation and will naturally outshine competitors who aren’t eco-friendly. A business that is environmentally aware makes customers feel that it is trustworthy. Consumers are attracted to companies who will take a leading role in becoming environmentally smart in both their practices and products.

Saves Money

Sustaining the earth’s natural resources is not only a respected practice for a company, but it also saves money. For example, increasing your office or manufacturing facility’s energy efficiency saves money on utility costs and reusing existing materials saves money that would have been used for purchasing more materials. Although there’s often a bit of money used to establish green business procedures, financial benefits can be seen over time.

 Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

There’s plenty of simple ways to reduce the amount of energy your business uses. Here are a few that Premier partakes in:

  • Water filtration and dispensing system- In order to reduce the waste of plastic water bottles and supply healthy water, we provide a water filtration system to all our workers. Plastic bottles are clogging our landfills, so our company advocates reusing the same bottle all day.
  • Motion sensor lights- In order to reduce and conserve energy, we installed motion sensor lights throughout our entire plant and in all our bathrooms. These lights ensure that lights won’t be left on by mistake within our facility.
  • Landscape around property- Landscaping around a business property takes unhealthy carbon dioxide out of the air and replaces it with clean oxygen. Our facility is surrounded by trees, plants and bushes.

Our “Green Advantage” Sealants & Adhesives

Premier Building Solutions is proud to have always been part of this turn toward environmental responsibility.  Our “Green Advantage” series of sealants & adhesives are specifically beneficial to the environment in two ways: they minimize the adverse effects pollutants have on the environment and increase a building’s efficiency.  Reducing the environmental impact of pollutants is made possible by our extremely low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels. All of Premier’s green products have VOC levels less than that required by the national standards.  Increasing a building’s efficiency is made possible by the ability of our products to reduce heat loss (or intrusion) through their superior ability to seal cracks, seams and other openings.

To read more about our “Green Advantage” products, click here. 

Article by Brooklyn Hellman