Digital media growth continues to outpace print media year over year. For many businesses both big and small printed material has become a bit of an afterthought. Despite this trend, Premier continues to invest in marketing materials.  Why do we bother?  Branded marketing materials play a key role in promoting our company and generating leads. In fact, a recent study from shows that 52% of people said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving branded materials, and almost 50% said they use those materials every day. While embracing digital media is vital in today’s world, ink and paper will always have a place business.

Make Quality a Priority

The quality of your marketing materials reveals a lot about a company and the products it offers. Top of the line marketing materials show customers that quality is important to your company and the products you offer will reflect this. So putting a little more thought into the design and printing of your marketing materials can help boost your brand and company image. Many companies fail to see the strategic value in marketing materials. However, just as quality marketing materials will reflect quality products, the opposite can be said for poorly made, thrown together marketing pieces.  Customers who receive subpar marketing pieces may not have confidence in the products and services being offered.

Arm your Sales Team

In many businesses the sales team are a driving force for success and growth. Arming them with the right tools is essential to their success. Equipping your sales team with top of the line marketing materials enhances their chances of success in meetings and out in the field. It also provides a great way for appointments and follow-ups to be created.

Sometimes it’s easier to show your story than to tell it

Sometimes words just won’t cut it and even the most experienced sales reps can struggle to communicate your company’s value to its customers. Marketing materials are great to control how your story is told. It gets your message out consistently across your customer base and minimizes the risk of human error. Not only will it give you the opportunity to push the reader in the right direction, but it’s also a great chance to flex your creative muscles and keep them entertained. Differentiation is everything and the work you put into your marketing materials can be a great way to show clients how you separate yourself from the competition.

No matter the size of your company, marketing materials still matter. Providing your sales team with high quality marketing pieces will not only set them up for success, it will show your customers that quality matters to your company – both in your marketing and your products.