New business is the lifeblood of every company. It is the fuel that drives growth, investment and opportunity. Nothing happens in this economy until a sale is made. Sales are the driving force to any for- profit company. Despite this, many companies do not invest significant time and money into their sales team.  One way Premier makes this a priority is through semi-annual sales meetings.  These meetings gather our entire sales staff into one place for a week of training, product education and team building. Not only do sales reps leave this meetings with more knowledge and motivation than they arrived with, but they also strengthen the team as a whole.

Create a stronger-knit team

Having sales meetings creates a special feeling like gathering on Thanksgiving with your extended family. A team that acts like a family tends to have better communication, increased confidence and mutual appreciation, and increased productivity. Sales meetings create synergy. If we are not pulling together, then we are pulling apart. They create like-minded thinking and get us pulling together in the same direction.

Direction & Numbers

We are all motivated by different factors. For some it’s the pursuit of excellence, for others its money, and others are motivated by competition. Sales meetings serve as our compass by influencing direction and indicating when a course needs correction.

Sales meetings touch on many forms of motivation both positive and negative. Presenting sales numbers can often be both.  After all, these are a direct reflection of results. Numbers give hope, determination, incentive and recognition for our successes. They also are brutally honest and never lie. Showing such numbers in a sales meeting setting creates needed competition and pressure.


Providing training for your team on products, markets, sales techniques, competitors, and new processes or technology improves the consistency with which your messages reach their target. Your sales people all hear the same message at the same time and have the opportunity to interact, question and understand how to apply it in their work.

Effective sales meetings are critical to achieving your goals for revenue. Consistent, well-run meetings can help build cohesion, improve skills and techniques, inspire your staff, and keep the sales team focused on the markets and opportunities that give the greatest chance for success.

Article written by Morgan Hoover