Salesforce is a platform that offers a variety of tools and services not only for relationship management but also for custom app development, targeting both small businesses and large industries. With Salesforce, you can discover insights into customers and better understand their needs. Salesforce is a tool that Premier’s sales team uses everyday to stay in touch with our past, current and future customers. It keeps the team organized, motivated and helps them plan for the future. Implementing this tool to your business could benefit your company in many of the same ways it has benefitted Premier.

Customer information

One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity. When you use Salesforce, you can look at every individual account, contact, task, event, and opportunity that’s tied to a lead, which gives your company a lot of information before approaching potential customers. This digital design is a direct upgrade from physical resources and even Excel sheets. Salesforce is comprehensive, responsive, and convenient to use, so you no longer have a need for manila folders or digital files full of spreadsheets.

Team collaboration

Salesforce also allows you to communicate easily with other team members. The “Chatter” feature allows you to share work-related information, such as customers, territory and other important data, with individuals or groups.

Chatter also allows you to add various members of your team to accounts or opportunities that require special attention.  This, in turn, makes prioritizing and scheduling their tasks easier for your team so that you can work with more leads and finalize more sales. Chatter allows you to focus your entire team on what they need to do every day. This means that every day you get better results and productivity from your team.


Salesforce is a cloud product, and that means it’s available wherever you have Internet access. This also includes mobile — Salesforce has an app that you can use to stay in touch with your business and your team at all hours. This makes it a perfect match for the hands-on business owner or marketing manager who wants to keep up with their team in constant communication. There’s no cabinet filing, local server, or anything else — it’s all kept secure and sound in the cloud where you can always access it.

The main conclusion that can be made is that the implementation of a cloud-based CRM is a good investment that promises to increase revenues, improve internal communication and customer satisfaction, and create a more profitable organization.

Premier chose Salesforce over other cloud-based CRMs for it’s superior customer management, accessibility and reporting. However, many cloud-based CRMs are available today depending on your company needs and price point.

Article written by Morgan Hoover