Over the past several years, a disturbing trend has emerged. Severe weather events have occurred with increasing regularly. These unfortunate events have led the construction industry to further refine their products and materials to ensure they can hold up in extreme weather conditions.

As a company who ships product all over the world, Premier has made research and development a strong focus. This emphasis has ensured that our products and formulations can stand the test of severe weather.

Sealant and adhesive manufacturers will always list an application temperature range for applying sealants. Most application temperatures reach up to 120°F. While this may seem like an acceptable temperature for most, it can cause issues when applying sealant in hot climates during summer months. Products like Premier’s flagship XtraBond9500 line can be applied in temperatures up to 200°F and it’s silicone products can be applied in extremes as high as 400°F. This ensures field performance, no matter the climate or season you are working in.

Extreme cold is another environment where ensuring product performance is challenging, but essential. Work doesn’t stop just because winter has arrived. For these circumstances, Sealant and adhesive manufacturers often tout service temperatures as low as 20°F. For Northern regions, this simply wont cut it. Most XtraBond products can be applied in temperatures as low as -40°F with no effect to product performance.

Any product designed for the outdoors has to contend with wet, rainy conditions. Unfortunately, there are few on the market designed to be applied in wet conditions. Recognizing this need, Premier has developed multiple products that can be applied in wet, even rainy conditions. In fact, Premier’s GenX formulation is so advanced that it adheres to wet surfaces, even under water. This is a huge benefit to customer’s whose work doesn’t stop just because the rain starts.

As severe weather is increasingly becoming a design concern for many buildings, Premier has taken on the challenge to ensure our products can stand up to these elements. It is essential that customers in all climates have access to construction products resilient enough to endure extremes of any kind. Not only will this avoid building and home damage, but most importantly will keep people safe.