Silicone sealants are universal, easy-to-use solutions for countless applications. However, not all silicone sealants are the same. Understanding their different characteristics is essential to selecting the right product for your next project.

Silicone sealants are defined by their cure process, divided into acetoxy and neutral cure categories.

Acetoxy Silicone
Acetoxy Silicones derive their name from their release of acetic acid. During the curing process these silicones have a vinegar-like smell. Acetoxy silicones cure with the presence of atmospheric moisture and typically have a very fast cure time and strong adhesion. Because of the acid released, however, acetoxy cure silicones have a stronger smell than neutral cure silicones, and the acid can be corrosive to certain substrates and metals.

Acetoxy silicones work best on non-porous surfaces such as glass and glazed tile. Anti-microbial formulas are often NSF approved and FDA compliant, so they can be used confidently around food applications as well. Their resistance to moisture makes them deal for use in high moisture areas such as marine, baths, and walk-in coolers.

Applications include:

  • Walk-In Cooler/Freezer
  • Cultured Marble
  • Kitchens & Bath
  • Industrial
  • Marine

Neutral Cure Silicone
Neutral cure silicone sealants release alcohol as they cure. While these silicones do produce a condensation byproduct, it is not as corrosive as the acid cure formulations. The industry prioritizes neutral cure silicones for exterior applications because of their ability to effectively bond with a wide array of substrates.

The product’s design is ideal for back bedding and glazing applications – as well as other exterior applications. It’s often the preferred product by users, because it doesn’t leave the odors associated with other silicones.

Applications Include:

  • Copper Sheet Metal
  • Glass Replacement
  • Window & Door
  • Industrial

Not all silicone sealants are created equal. Knowing your application is key to selecting the best silicone sealant for your project. Click the links to learn about Premier’s Acetoxy or Neutral Cure silicones.