The variety of sealants and adhesives available continues to grow: silicone, latex, hybrids, etcetera. While many of these varieties offer colors or color matching, in some cases it can be easier to paint over the sealant. However, not every product is suitable for this purpose. It is important to check this when selecting a sealant.

It doesn’t matter what type of silicone you use – it will not be paintable. Both acetoxy and neutral cure silicones have a smooth surface after drying that paint does not adhere to. They are still a great option to use on most jobs. If you intend to use a silicone sealant in a visible area, you will simply need to select a shade that will work with the surrounding colors.

Latex products are always paintable. These water based products can be easily painted with most types of paint. Timing here is important. During the curing process, water is released resulting in some shrinking. `If you paint the sealant before it has fully cured, paint may crack as the sealant shrinks. Waiting until the sealant has fully cured to paint will avoid any issues. This typically ranges between 24-48 hours.

Just like acrylics, Hybrid sealants can be painted with water-based paints. The advantage of these sealants over acrylics is that there is virtually no shrinkage during the curing process. As a result, these sealants can be painted almost immediately after installation.

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