Premier Building Solutions’ siding industry products permanently seal cracks, joints and seams in exterior siding and trim. XtraBond 9500® can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions with a dependable, rapid cure. XtraFoam™ is designed to reinforce the home‘s primary moisture barrier and defect water away from the exterior structure. These products together help stop the unwanted infiltration of air into the building structure, ultimately leading not only to protection from outside elements but also to superior conservation of thermal energy.


XtraBond®9500 is a multi-purpose advanced polymer sealant. The product’s one component design ensures that it cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable bond and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions (-40° F to 140° F). It is engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates, while ensuring complete compatibility – even with rubberized asphalt flashing and other flexible plastic building materials.

  • Aggressive Adhesion to Common Construction Substrates
  • Compatible with SBS Flashing
  • Paintable in 2 Hours
  • Low VOCs


XtraFoam is a low expansion, one-component, multipurpose, polyurethane formulated to seal around window and door frames. The product’s low pressure, airtight insulation foam blocks drafts, moisture and insects without distending window and door frames. Once cured, it will not shrink or expand. XtraFoam’s advanced chemistry ensures excellent adhesion to most substrates, and an excellent water-resistant, airtight seal – as well as outstanding thermal and acoustical insulation. The product contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s.

  • Will Not Warp or Bow Frames/Jambs
  • Provides Water-Resistant, Airtight Seal
  • Excellent Adhesion on Most Substrates
  • High Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Since our sealants are tough, durable and remain flexible under extreme conditions, XtraBond® and XtraFoam™ sealant products are the first choice for siding professionals everywhere.