The right building materials have a big impact on the quality of a home. Homes built fifty years ago with quality materials are often still in spectacular condition, while cheap spec homes built less than a decade ago are already showing significant wear.

Sadly, this is often the case with residential construction today.  The selection of quality building materials is overlooked. While this choice may seem okay in the short term, it is often regretted later.  After all, investing in quality building materials that last can provide significant savings in the future. Not only will repairs be far and few between, but you can also rest assured that your home was built with safety and durability as a top priority.

Premier Building Solutions manufactures and distributes a complete product line of building materials, tools and accessories engineered for use in residential construction. Our high-performance products provide excellent adhesion and durability to a wide variety of interior and exterior substrates and applications. Whether you need a quality air-tight sealant for your windows and doors, or mildew resistant seal for your sinks and bathtubs, Premier Building Solutions has a product to meet your needs.

For your kitchen and bath projects, the XtraBond®25 Acrylic Latex Caulk is a watertight sealant with easy cleanup. If you need a durable product for extreme weather conditions, our XtraBond®9550 Advanced Polymer Sealant & Adhesive is perfect for roofing remodel applications. While these are only a few examples, our sealants, adhesives, foams and flashing are a perfect fit for all of your Residential Construction installations.

The XtraBond® line of residential construction sealants and adhesives come in different varieties to meet a wide range of demanding jobs. Whatever your particular needs, Premier has products that are unparalleled for use in the residential construction industry. To find the best product for your application, view the full XtraBond® product line at