It is natural for condensation and moisture to collect in and around homes. Unfortunately, this moisture can cause extensive damage if it spreads. To prevent moisture penetration and the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, biocides can be incorporated into silicone sealant formulations. These biocides can avoid this damage and give peace of mind to the installer.

What exactly is a biocide? These are chemical agents developed by scientists designed to combat the growth of harmful microorganisms in various industrial applications. Adhesives and sealants formulators use these biocides to control or kill these harmful microorganisms.

Anti Microbial silicone sealants contain an EPA approved Biocide.  These sealants can be used confidently around food applications. Their resistance to moisture make them ideal for use in high moisture areas such as marine, baths, and walk-in coolers.

Choosing these anti microbial silicone sealants are popular among builders, remodelers and other end users.  After all, using these products eliminate the worry of the emergence of mildew, mold, or fungus, or repeated cleaning of the sealant joints.

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