Premier Building Solutions’ HVAC/R Sealants are engineered to withstand harsh industrial environments. Whether the need is for general sealing, for an industrial HVAC system or a permanent bond perfected for extreme and cold temperatures – we have breakthrough adhesive chemistries that can give you the performance you need for your application.

Our HVAC/R line of sealants includes an easy-to-use high-temp sealant that forms a durable, watertight bond when exposed to temperatures ranging from -80° to 500°F on a continuous basis. The line also includes a specialized fire prevention sealant as well as a 100% acetoxy-based, high performance silicone sealant. Lastly, this line offers an advanced polymer sealant that allows for ±50% joint movement.

XtraBond®9550 is a high performance, permanently flexible, easy-to-use advanced polymer sealant that allows for ±50% joint movement. The product cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable bond and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions (-40⁰F to 200⁰F). It is ideal for high performance applications that require accommodation for joint movement.

  • Excellent for Use with Fiber Cement
  • 50% Joint Movability
  • Permanently Flexible
  • Paintable in 2 Hours

XtraStop®550 is designed for filling areas around wires, vents, pipes, ducts and other wall penetrations and construction voids. The product is a commercial quality, intumescent, non-combustible fire, smoke and draft prevention sealant.  Water-based, it can be used wherever ASTM E-814 Specification is needed. The product is engineered to withstand 3000 degrees for up to 8 hours, and can be safely removed with soap and water prior to curing.

  • Withstands 3000⁰F Exposures
  • Bonds to most materials
  • ASTM E-814 – 8 hours
  • Non Combustible

XtraBond®HT is a one part, easy to use, non-slumping paste that cures to a silicone rubber when exposed to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. This product is engineered to provide a durable, watertight bond when exposed to continuous temperatures ranging from -80⁰F to 500⁰F on a continuous basis – while maintaining its integrity at up to 600⁰F for intermittent time periods. Its unique formulation acts as both a thermal and electrical insulator as well, so it is ideal for sealing around heating elements.

  • Approved in High Temperature Areas
  • Non Sag Red Formula
  • Insulates Electrically
  • Up to 600⁰F

XtraBond®250 is a 100% acetoxy based, high performance silicone engineered for applications that require a 100% silicone solution. The product is formulated as a one component, mildew resistant sealant that is permanently flexible and offers excellent adhesion.

  • Consistent Gunability & Tooling
  • Approved for Cultured Marble
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Anti-Microbial Formula

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