There are endless silicone sealants to choose from, varying in price and quality.  Knowing which one to choose can be a complex decision.

100% RTV silicone sealant is a completely pure product where extended silicone sealant is diluted. Pure silicone will have stronger adhesion, less shrinkage lower temperature application, and stronger resistance to weathering.

100% silicone is mildew-resistant and has inhibitors to slow discoloration (non-yellowing). It is NSF certified to be safe for incidental food contact, making it ideal for use in kitchens and other food-zone areas.

100% silicone isn’t always the best choice for every project. If your project doesn’t require extreme adhesion or temperature resistance, a less expensive, extended silicone sealant may be a better choice. However, if your silicone sealant is going to be under continuous stress in regards to weight or temperature or used in a food zone, going with 100% silicone sealant is recommended.

XtraBond®250 – 100% RTV Silicone Sealant

XtraBond®250 is a 100% acetoxy-based, high performance silicone engineered for applications that require a 100% silicone solution. The product is formulated as a one component, mildew resistant sealant that is permanently flexible and offers excellent adhesion.

XtraBond®250 anti-microbial formula is NSF approved and FDA compliant, so it can be used confidently around food applications. Its resistance to moisture makes it ideal for use in high moisture areas such as marine, baths, and walk-in coolers.

  • Consistent Gunablility & Tooling
  • Approved for Cultured Marble
  • Mildew Resistant Formula
  • FDA/USDA Compliant
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Non-Paintable

XtraBond®150 – RTV Silicone Sealant

XtraBond®150 is a one component, permanently flexible, RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) mildew-resistant silicone sealant that is the industry standard. The product’s tough chemical resistance makes it a worry-free solution for a wide range of applications.

XtraBond®150 provides excellent adhesion to cultured marble, tile, glass, vinyl, aluminum, and sheet metal without the need for a primer. The product is engineered to cure rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture, to form a durable tight bond that contractors and installers count on. A wide range of packaging options provides users with total flexibility in how the product is applied.

  • Approved for Cultured Marble
  • Excellent Adhesion to Glass
  • Window & Door Approved
  • Easy to Gun, Easy to Tool
  • Non-Sag & Slump
  • Non-Paintable

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