Skinning Butyl Sealants are an economical, flexible, exterior-grade weather-resistant sealant. These products are ideal for sealing standing seam roofs and side walls. They provide excellent adhesion to metal, asphalt, wood and masonry substrates.

Non-skinning Butyl Sealants have remarkable adhesive and sealing properties due to their synthetic rubber composition. Unlike skinning butyl sealants, which form a skin or crust on the surface as they cure, non-skinning butyl sealants remain tacky and pliable, which allows them to conform to irregular surfaces and maintain a strong seal over time.

Premier offers both skinning and non-skinning butyl sealants, to suit any project:

XtraBond®1500NS Non Skinning Premium Grade Butyl Sealant
XtraBond®1500NS is a single component, non-skinning butyl- based solvent release sealant. The product is designed to deliver excellent adhesion to panels and roofing materials – while remaining permanently pliable.

XtraBond®1500NS is non-staining. The product is the ideal choice in applications where the combination of moisture and cold temperatures would cause the break-down of other sealants. It is also an excellent solution when it will be exposed to both high and low temperatures.

XtraBond®1500 Premium Grade Butyl Sealant
XtraBond®1500 is single component, butyl-based solvent release sealant engineered to deliver excellent adhesion to most common building materials and plastics—without the need of a primer. The product’s chemistry makes it an excellent choice when the application requires a solution that will deliver solid durability over an extended period of time, without sagging or slumping.

XtraBond®1500 is non-staining, paintable and stays permanently elastic even when exposed to both high and low temperatures. The product is a superior solution when the application requires extended exposure to the elements.

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