flashing-bothPremier XtraFlash™ Nail-On and Membrane Flashing are the best ways for installers to prevent air and water intrusion.  XtraFlash™ Premium Nail-On Flashing is made from woven polypropylene and is ideal for use around windows and doors.
It has excellent durability, even when exposed to high winds or prolonged ultraviolet rays.  It is moisture resistant for up to 140 hours at 100% humidity.  XtraFlash™ Membrane Flashing is made from an advanced butyl/rubberized asphalt compound which offers aggressive adhesion to standard building materials.  It allows installation at temperatures as low as 25° F, and is UV resistant for up to 180 days.
Two types of Premier XtraFlash™ products – one nail-on, one self-adhesive – give installers the option to choose the right flashing for their building project and environment.
• Excellent Moisture Resistance
• Resists Cracking or Shrinkage
• Superb Wind & Tear Resistant
• Mold & Mildew Resistant
• Resists Cracking
Premier XtraFlash™ Premium Nail-On Flashing is available in 9” and 12” x 300’ rolls.  Premier Membrane Flashing is available at 25 mil and 40 mil thickness, and standard 4”, 6”, 9”, and 12” x 75’ rolls.  It is also available in 18” and 36” by request.
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The XtraFlash™ Flashing Series of Products: