140131-Premier-Product-Montage-Butyl_flat_webPremier Building Solutions’ Butyl sealants are engineered for superior adhesion to common building materials and plastics without the need for a primer. Whether masonry, steel or glass, Xtrabond® Butyl sealants are versatile for a range of applications. Our standard Xtrabond®1500 provides solid durability over an extended period of time and stays elastic across a wide range of temperatures. Xtrabond®1500NS is a non-skinning butyl sealant and an excellent choice for adhesion to panels and roofing materials. It will not break down from a combination of moisture and cold temperatures that might impede the quality of other sealants. Both Butyl sealants offer a 50 year durability guarantee!

For Diverse Applications

Since our sealants are tough, durable and remain flexible under extreme conditions, XtraBond® Butyl sealant products are the first choice for professionals everywhere.

  • Permanently Flexible
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Paintable


  • Permanently Pliable
  • Non-Skinning
  • Moisture Resistant

Premier’s Butyl sealants are a top solution for your sealant needs. Confidently complete your jobs using products designed to perform by your leader in the sealant and adhesive industry.
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Our Butyl Sealants Include: