Cold-Storage-MontagePremier Building Solutions’ siding industry products are designed to permanently seal cracks, joints and seams in exterior siding and trim.  XtraBond 9500® can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions with a dependable rapid cure.  XtraFoam™ is designed to reinforce the home‘s primary moisture barrier and deflect water away from the exterior structure.  These products together help stop the unwanted infiltration of air into the building structure, ultimatley leading not only to protection from outside elements but also to superior conservation of thermal energy.

High Performance Protection

Since our products are tough and durable and remain flexible under extreme conditions, XtraBond® and XtraFoam™ sealants for the siding industry make them the first choice for siding professionals everywhere.
• Eco-Friendly, Low VOC
• Paintable in 2 Hours
• No Solvents
Premier’s siding industry products are a top solutions and sure-fit for your siding needs and applications. Seal your siding edges and joints with a peformance and eco-friendly leader in the sealant and adhesion industry.
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Products for the Siding Industry: