140131-Premier-Product-Montage-150-250-HT-450_flat_webPremier XtraBond® Silicone Sealants are powerful, flexible adhesives that can be used across a wide variety of residential, construction, industrial & transportation applications. They offer significant adhesion, movement capability and durability as compared to other families of sealants. Each XtraBond® Silicone Sealant is uniquely designed to exhibit curing characteristics to match your specialized application needs. From a silicone sealant that is room temperature vulcanizing to one that can withstand especially high temperature environments to a high-blend silicone sealant that is safe to use with consumables, Premier has engineered a silicone sealant primed to conquer the requirements of your unique adhesion needs.

For Diverse Applications

XtraBond® Silicone Sealants remain flexible, even once fully cured, and exhibit high temperature thresholds. Other unique characteristics include:

  • Excellent Stress Recovery
  • Resistance to Hydrolysis
  • Good UV Resistance
  • Slump Resistance
  • Non-Bubbling

This is why XtraBond® Silicone Sealants are useful for a multitude of applications, from simple kitchen and bath jobs (including cultured marble) to walk-in coolers and freezers to heavy-duty construction operations that require superb adhesion to vinyl, glass, aluminum, wood, sheet metal or other common building materials (all without need of a primer).
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Our Silicone Sealants Include: