XtraBond®450 is a one component, non-sag, permanently flexible neutral cure silicone sealant. The product is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion to vinyl, glass, aluminum, wood, sheet metal and most common building materials – without the need of a primer. The product is an ideal fit for applications where there is a lack of moisture that would aid the curing process.

XtraBond®450 cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable tight bond. The product’s design is ideal for back bedding and glazing applications – as well as other exterior applications. It’s the preferred product by users, because it doesn’t leave the odors associated with other silicones.

  • Superior Adhesion to Kynar™ Coated Metals
  • Excellent Adhesion to Glass
  • Window & Door Approved
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Non-Paintable